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Our Mission

WHITE LABEL HOMES is passionately committed to creating value within the built environment for our clients and our community by understanding the intended objectives of our projects, and considering both the end-user and the client’s budget.

In today’s highly competitive construction marketplace, designers, architects and builders are often placed at odds due to clients’ budget constraints or fixed-price contracts.

We believe that there is another – and better – option. Bringing our expertise in construction methods together with understanding and respect for design means we can meet in the middle and strive to find the best options for our clients that suit their budget and project.


Our Commitment to Our Clients

Our most important goal is to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients. From our first phone call or meeting, through to the completion of each project, we want our clients to experience service that is unmatched by any other builder or construction manager. We know that there are many choices when renovating or building, and we want to make the process as simple (and exciting) as possible. Our principals work hands-on with each project; combining an appreciation of, and respect for, design and architecture with expertise in construction. We work hard to help our customers translate ideas into built form, and we are committed to incorporating strong design into each project from the start – so that they experience nothing but delight as the project comes to life. We know that communication is key to working together; which is why we keep our clients informed and up-to-date at all times. We want our clients to always feel they are fully involved and aware of their project progress through to each successful completion, so that when it’s done, they will enjoy the result as well as the journey.


Our Process

Over the last decade, the Winnipeg cityscape has changed dramatically. We believe there really is no single location in the city that isn’t attractive for building or worthy of renovation. Our goal is to contribute quality improvement of existing properties to enrich communities and provide economic growth and stability. We seek to collaborate with clients and designers, understand the design intent, and build to a fair budget.


White Label Homes works closely with designer professionals hired by the client, and offers design consultation services to home owners to develop, build and manage every phase of your construction project. We use our deep market knowledge to design with the intended goal – a fully functioning, custom fit renovation that gives you exactly what you want and need.


Your project manager will handle all aspects of your building project; starting from collaborating with you on your vision, to managing construction and trades through each phase until your home ready for occupancy. White Label Home’s main goal is to understand the both the client’s and designer professional’s goals and work toward implementing fully.


As experienced construction managers and designers, we know that project delays cost money. As your representative with the sub- contractors, specialists, and inspectors, we will ensure your interests and your investment are covered.



When you choose to partner with White Label Homes, you can expect to get functional and attractive space at a budget you can live with (or at least the budget you agreed to) – while being expertly guided by design and construction professionals you can trust.

Our approach to design consists of two simple objectives; the first is to understand your goals and the second is to exceed them. Knowing that not everyone knows how to read drawings and make the leap from concept to commitment, we feel the best way to accomplish both is through working closely with you and your team to ensure we’re all working from the same blueprint.

Our in-depth knowledge of design, architecture construction methods and materials will help get you the result you want with the time and budget you have. You will work closely with our principals who will ensure you will be in-the-know on all of your options, and where your project is at, for each step of your project.

How can we get started?