our history

Karl Loepp and Rolf Langelotz founded Lola Construction Management (LCM) in 2003, as a branch of their commercial painting company, Valour Decorating.  The name ‘LOLA’ is the combination of the first two letters of their last names, LOepp and LAngelotz. 

Since our founding, LCM has renovated retail, hospitality, commercial offices, multi-family buildings, and industrial spaces in Winnipeg and surrounding area. As we continue to grow the services we offer, our name has become a lasting symbol of partnership and collaboration that has been in place and guided our work with our clients since the beginning. 

When Rolf retired in 2013, we welcomed Daniel Melendez as principal of the company, entering a new era of continued growth and evolution. And in 2017, LCM welcomed Jared Neufeld as its newest principal.

LCM remains driven by achieving our clients’ visions. Our company has outlasted the ups and downs of construction and more than one recession. We’ve continued to adapt to Winnipeg’s changing cityscape and marketplace with a range of project types and services. Our longevity is not taken for granted – but is a demonstration of our commitment to serving the needs of our clients. 

We’re excited about the future for LCM as we have built upon our successful foundation and enhanced our expertise in working with design-focused and consultant-collaborative construction. We are confident that this approach will help our clients achieve results that are even better than they had envisioned.