peace of mind
at every step of the process.

Although it’s our work, and we take pride in that, ultimately this is your business, and we appreciate that deeply. Because of this, we endeavour to keep you, the client, informed at all times by applying a simple, easy to understand four-step methodology. Be a part of the process and help us to develop a critical path that meets your needs, as well as your timeline, and ensures that no detail is missed, and no element is overlooked.

Step 1


We arrange for a meeting in your space with our design consultants to fully understand the direction of your project based on your list of priorities. We develop initial plans & materials and assemble a ‘Class C’ Budget, with clear pricing break-outs so you understand cost implications

Step 2


Once you’re comfortable with the budget, we finalize the design -including plans, sections and elevations. These plans are then reviewed & distributed for final pricing.

Step 3


We develop & present you with a ‘Class A’ Construction Estimate, with clear pricing break-outs, for approval. Once your company approves the final price, LCM applies for the construction permit & schedules a start date. We will then give you a start date with a construction schedule.

Step 4



Construction begins on the appointed date, you and your stakeholders have a clear understanding of cost and timelines.